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Brendan. 22. Toronto. Gay. It's terminal.

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Open up your phone
Press delete

Anonymous said: So, tell me, first sexual thing you ever did with a guy? Aaaand go!

in pre school my first, and only boyfriend and I made out all the time


space oddity // david bowie

this is major tom to ground control
i’m stepping through the door
and i’m floating in a most peculiar way
and the stars look very different today

fav mutual: [likes one post i made]
me: what are we


Getting rejected by your crush



Anonymous said: Do you ever see yourself having a family of your own? husband, kid(s), house, pet? If not, what would your ideal future and goals be?

Damn if I could I’d want to be married by 30, have kids by 35(or later), and live somewhere in the countryside by 40 with a million farm animals. I mean that’s a pretty cliche dream, but I’ve always wanted it. 

Also I still want to be working in film, or whatever path I find myself in a few years time. 



fucking screaming

Anonymous said: what it like getting nice anon messages complimenting you daily

It’s very kind and nice. 

But I don’t get them daily, and so many people let those comments get to their heads.

I don’t really post those types of anon compliments anymore because it’s just like bragging really. And nobody gives a fuck. Nothing worse then a hot guy with a blog full of responses to people just licking his asshole and complimenting his every move. Be humble and cool. 

How did this. Become that. 

Like what happened. 

I was going to write ‘goals’ but then I realized this already happens.

I was going to write ‘goals’ but then I realized this already happens.